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El Sobrepeso De Russell Crowe Retrasa El Rodaje De Quot Nottingham Quot

Nottingham, la mirada particular Robin Hood who is preparing Ridley Scott, Vuelve a retrasarse, this time because of sobrepeso de uno de sus protagonistas: Russel Crowe. Despus de que various problems related with produccin y el filme Guin of retrasaran desde su estreno mediados de este ao principles de hasta 2010, Nottingham Vuelve a sufrir a contratiempo: Crowe, quien en la cinta both the interpretation hroe, Robin Hood, as a on nmesis, el sheriff de Nottingham to be sufficient excedido de peso y esto ha obligado a la produccin a frenar el inicio del rodaje.
16.1.09 08:37

Watchmen Hearing Cancelled For Today

Even more good news from the center of the feud Watchmen: a hearing scheduled today between Fox and Warner Bros. We ll keep you posted on details, as always, as is apparent. Was canceled, that is to say the two studies may be even closer to making nice and reproduction. The Hollywood Reporter doesn t really have more details - as there is a lot to say about something that didn t happen? - But King on board with the speculation that a solution is imminent. They also suggest a solution could cost Warners millions and millions of dollars, but still, it probably nothing compared to the amount of money they are doing to make it issued.
16.1.09 08:37

Britney Spears Moving Into New La Home

Spears, the mother of two boys, said his Twitter fan page that was moving Chateau Suenos, reports celebrity gossip site X17.I Just Took My Babies To Our New Home And They Loved It The pop star announced on the website of micro-blogging. The singer was found discharging its membership to $ 8.9m property. I Cant Wait To Move In. Britney Spear is about to move into a new home in California.
16.1.09 08:37

Rivera Interviews With Lions

They interviewed reported at least five other candidates. Rivera is not believed to have lined up any other intervews. He and other coaches Charger for leaving the Senior Bowl on Sunday. Chargers defensive coordinator Ron Rivera met with officials Detroit Lion Wednesday in Houston, where the Lions were the decision makers who attend the East-West Shrine Bowl weeks. The Lions are required to take one or two days to return to Rivera will continue to assess their search for a coach.
16.1.09 08:37

Katie Holmes Nears The End Of Her Broadway Stint

Nearing the end of his run Broadway, Katie Holme arriving Saturday evening performance of the game is expected All My Sons Katie dealing throughout the country with her husband Tom Cruise side Sunday evening, when the curtain falls on Arthur Miller game for last time. Cruise will be on the west coast, where he is nominated for Best Supporting Actor award to his cameo in the war Golden Globe spoof flick Tropic Thunder. .
16.1.09 08:37


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